The Company

Soitek is a highly specialised company, operating in the various sectors of design, installation and the maintenance of industrial, civilian plants and motorways. Indeed, the company's strenghts are systematic, technological research and an accurate deployment of human resources, both of which can be translated into a concrete design capability and enhanced operating efficiency. Over the years, Soitek narrative essay has developed extensive know-how, thanks to experience which has been acquired in the field. This includes diverse technological assignments, including: illumination, ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, hydraulics, the use of artificial snow and specialised inspection facilities. 
With the creation of the Energy Department 10 years ago, Soitek has been able to specialise in the field of renewable energy and in parallel to its other activities. Thus, it has created a range of services which aim at the total management of technical-executive challenges in this field. These challenges include energy optimisation and the development of hybrid technological systems, thereby facilitating the simultaneous exploitation of the benefits of traditional combustible fuel and alternative energy sources. Thus the negative aspects of both types of energy can be minimised.
The acquisition of these public and private assignments, by which the company has distinguished itself, means that it is currently considered trustworthy by its customers and esteemed by its competitors. This distinction is derived both from the high profile of the Soitek’s technical-design solutions, and its capacity to optimise and resolve contingent, executive challenges. 

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